we get it.

we've fought sunday scaries in the grocery checkout line, faced hangry preschoolers at pickup, and know the panic of having no idea what's for dinner at 4 p.m. on a wednesday.

sound familiar?

we met teaching culinary classes to home cooks in boston, and bonded over our mutual struggle to get dinner on the table — even as we taught others how to cook.  so we started developing delicious, multi-purpose pantry staples to give you (and us!) a hand in the kitchen, because as we like to say, "the juggle is real."

why us?

we're home cooks, just like you.  catherine also has a decade of personal cheffing, food writing and styling, and food tv under her belt. she's the creative half of the team, and it's not unusual to see the results of a brainstorming session in a 3 a.m. email.

jacqueline, on the other hand, excels in lists, schedules, and trying to get enough sleep. she brings strategy and ops experience to the table via a career in food and nutrition research and policy. 

getting hungry?

let's eat.


catherine smart   |   co-founder & ceo


jacqueline grady smith   |   co-founder & coo