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We're not just two busy moms. We're professional home cooks working to make the weeknight dinner juggle just a little bit easier...

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pop, pour, and dig in.


I find myself feeling excited about eating fruit and vegetables for the first time in...who knows how long.

Lily M

The salad dressing brings our salad to a whole new level. My husband is madly in love with it! We’ll keep coming back to buy more!


The Creamy Basil sauce is amazing, so creamy without the dairy. It's definitely a feel good sauce, and it's so tasty! Loving it for my pasta and soup broths right now!


With Not Just Pasta Sauce, we've added new meals into our rotation and are eating healthier.

Brian C

I originally was given a pantry sampler as a gift and we love everything. We are particularly obsessed with the miso lemon salad dressing!! We put it on everything but it's been a staple for lunch salads and for a chicken dinner marinade - & we buy in bulk now :)


me and this 10 veggie pasta sauce have become inseparable....10/10 for flavor, 10/10 for versatility.

Rachel W