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    One of everything! Whatever life throws your way, you'll be able to pull off dinner.

    Always Gluten-free, Vegan/Dairy-free, with NO refined sugars, "natural" flavors, fillers, gums, or other junk!

    * Lemon Miso Not Just Salad Dressing - Brightens up salads and makes for the best chicken, fish, and tofu marinade out there.

    *Dilly Ranch Not Just Salad Dressing - Has all the cool, herby flavor you crave, with none of the junk

    Chili Lime Not Just Salad Dressing - Super savory red miso plays well with fruity Gochugaru chili flakes for a gentle heat that's great on all greens, plus pork, beef, and tofu.

    * 10 Veggie Not Just Pasta Sauce - Our flag-ship meal-starting sauce that will have everyone loving their vegetables.

    * Creamy Basil Not Just Pasta Sauce - A luxe, velvety (but never heavy!) version of our 10 veggie sauce, made with extra basil and a touch of cashew for dairy-free creaminess.

    * Tomato Not Just Pesto - A pesto you can tuck in the pantry! Big tomato-basil flavor with no nuts or dairy!

    * Coconut Sugar Not Just Caramel - A rich dessert sauce (that makes a great meat or fish glaze too!) with just a few simple ingredients: nutty tahini, luxurious coconut oil, toasty coconut sugar, and a pinch of sea salt. 


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    Endless ways to get dinner done.

    Not Just Pesto Chicken Wings

    Not Just Pesto Chicken Wings

    Salmon with Miso, Chili, Caramel Glaze

    Salmon with Miso, Chili, Caramel Glaze

    Caramel Pull-Apart Bread

    Caramel Pull-Apart Bread

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    No clue what to cook? We’ve got you.

    We’re personal chefs and cooking teachers who are also busy moms. The weeknight what-to-cook panic wasn’t new to us. So, we set out to solve it. We decided to make clean-ingredient meal-starting staples that actually work for busy families. Each jar of goodness was made to make mealtimes a cinch. Zero junk. Nutrient-rich. 

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