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Meet your pantry's secret weapon. A mixed-pack with each of our multi-purpose pantry staples, complete with recipe cards, shipped to you door. Say, "Dinner was no trouble at all!" And actually mean it. 

10 veggie pasta sauce: 10 veggie, 0 added sugar, chili-starting, enchilada saucing, shakshuka simmering, meal starting sauce. 

tomato pestoWe're bringing back the 90s sun-dried tomato trend like a great pair of mom jeans. We skipped the nuts and cheese while packing tons of flavor.

lemon miso salad dressingMulti-tasking vinaigrette, for marinating meats and making greens craveable.

coconut sugar caramelGreat for baking, but you're probably going to want to eat it with a spoon while hiding from your family. 

Endless ways to get dinner done.

Not Just Pesto Chicken Wings

Not Just Pesto Chicken Wings

Salmon with Miso, Chili, Caramel Glaze

Salmon with Miso, Chili, Caramel Glaze

Caramel Pull-Apart Bread

Caramel Pull-Apart Bread

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No clue what to cook? We’ve got you.

We’re personal chefs and cooking teachers who are also busy moms. The weeknight what-to-cook panic wasn’t new to us. So, we set out to solve it. We decided to make clean-ingredient meal-starting staples that actually work for busy families. Each jar of goodness was made to make mealtimes a cinch. Zero junk. Nutrient-rich. 

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